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echoes reverberated found place in my heart, still resonates not knowing into how many hearts

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 Melting in the timeless sky 
horizon lonely and shy
Saw nothing
but the leaves fallen dry 

Walking in the scorching sun
passing through the desert land
Saw nothing 
but only the glistening sand

Wading through the water
sinking in the endless sea
Saw nothing
but the waves hovering in glee

Then hopes sprung
of what is seen
and what it seems
And the heart sung

An oasis in the desert
A ship in the sea
Astar in the sky
As dreams can be

But certainty a darn thing
when doubts start creeping in
Was that all of dreams
lasting just long as it seems

The star a jinxed one
The oasis an illusion
The ship a shark
Still thoughts in confusion.....

1 comment:

  1. Our life too is like this, just a mirage, a dream. Once our eyes are closed (death) everything is gone, vanished....