Saturday, August 10, 2013


Through the crowds 
I accompanied you
Yet you never knew
The dust  swarmed up 
and still I saw you
The dew drops in winter hue
The sun rays
in the morning blue
and I hovering around you

Through the whispers 
of the wind
My love shall flow
so shall the fading 
sun of evening shore
with the humming waves
and whistling trees
keep telling you
even more

The smile that betrays
the thousand tears
And the moments 
that come after
a thousand years
all have I known
from the depths 
of your heart 
a thousand times

There you are I see 
You may never know
Yet in some dreams
I'll tell you of  tales 
of another door
of which you may
one day  know
for I am your angel
from yesteryore