Monday, January 11, 2021

Yearning of a soul

I know not - what shall I asketh of thee O lord

my prayers obscurely piercing the depths of my heart 

probing the meaning of my soul

with some knowing of the mien rarely known

the semblance I refrain from the evanescing zone


somewhere in the denial of true credence  

somewhere between my trust flows

through the waters of the divine providence

hitherto there too aporia glides

along with the tears and  fathomless benevolence


I ask again incessantly, perpetually through the inestimable sighs

I pray- how do I beseech thee

for  I know not what shall I asketh of thee O lord

the failure of dreams and the dreams of failure

that isn't all that ravages the human soul


for what  and what more must I utter sighs

towards the benevolent azure skies

unrelenting  the heart so longs the heart so cries

yet unkown to self are my wants

for I know not what I shall asketh of  thee O lord





Wednesday, January 6, 2021

A silent little prayer

 Teach me O lord how to pray

What all and whatnot to pray

For thou provideth everything

And if I asketh of thee O lord

Is it that I  choose to go astray