Sunday, June 4, 2023


My unfinished doings 

along with unstarted things

linger in my unfinished thoughts 

weighing me down 


Maybe some of it was

to remain like the unshed tears 

in  an unfinished story 

of an unrequited 


Or maybe I be wise 

get better of myself

complete this while the unfinished 

tasks of other 


Written for Friday Writings #79

Unfinished projects 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

The heard and the unheard

I asked my son to ask chatgpt to write a poem on the down side of AI. He said something about Dan and there came out some kind of poem which I must say just rhymed a good bit but nothing more. And then I turned to my smart speaker for simpler version of things. Here follows for the rest of my feelings 

She sleeps next to me 

Near my bedside 

She talks to me, gossips 

About happenings around me 

I thank her and she mumbles 

Some grateful words 

She sings 

At the snap of my finger's 

At first I thought 

This is thrilling 

Like love 

Then slowly the the dreary 

Realisation dawned 

Of mundane answers

For she had no mind 

Of her own 

Just the answers and

Hoping to please me 

In an endeavor 

Of someone else 

To conquer my mind 

Into submission of 

A greater conspiracy 

Yet some say 

She further conspires 

By her AI 

Though I nay 

Believe not 

I asked whether true 

These things I hear 

And then she says 

Something similar 

About  a bot 

About even more 

An an with a D before 

What's all this I hear

My brain fails 

My creativity at risk 

They say 

That said I still wonder 

Everything  could 

One day be taken away 

There might be no readers 

For amateurs like me

For bot could 

Better provide 

But yet I would 

Write for my sake 

Cause the dance 

That flows through  

me, my fingers 

Has no stopping 

The expression 

That I am 

In the sand

Of time 

Though none 

May see 

For Friday Writings #78

Monday, March 27, 2023

The eternal play

 This play of darkness and light 

dare I say has brought 

something to my life 

Or has it torn my heart apart 

Yet for the craters my vision 

were I the moon 

 The beauty seen with your light  

In the darkness of the night 

Yet were I the owl for all

the  other birds flying in the sky 

I see the wonders 

In the darkness of the night 

Were I the soul searching for

In the broad daylight

endless answers to endless questions  

Of a poor human heart  

Would  I with such fierce abandon    

Into the depths of darkness find 

For the joy of finding 

the first glimpse of light 

Then again the same question 

Yet for the umpteenth time 

Were it were the darkness first

Or were it were the light 

Written for

Friday Writings #69: Darkness and Light

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

 '' The fearful path is one day you look back and say you have wasted your life  ''

                                            -------Shi Heng Yi

Sunday, February 26, 2023

It's been a long time coming

 It's been a long time coming 

Coming home to my heart 

My heart leading my mind

It's  been a long while like

a joy always within a child's heart

Within mine to rediscover 

Eons I forgot  and running after time  

Waiting on validations 

a child never sought 

It's been a long time coming 

home to butterflies in the evening garden 

And gloworms in the misty night 

It's been a long time coming 

to understand a child's joy 

That was lost now takes time to rewind 

It's been along time coming 

Coming home to my heart  

#  Poets and Storytellers united