Friday, August 12, 2022

Ballad of a Candle

I had waited in eternity

To let the spirit light me 

And it was lit in time instinctively

The wax of you held me

And I was burning out 

The more I burnt

The more you lost 

But yet not for a moment

you failed to hold me 

And at some point I thought

I would part

Rather than finish out 

But you refrained

from turning away  

from your noble  fate 

And left me with 

nay to do but burn 

myself to annihilation 

While I watched your formless 

form dance around me 

and as fate willed

I too contemplated 

in burning with utter rhapsody 

And so as the curtains fell  

And the ending vision ensued 

In the heart of every witness 

a spectacular vision was beheld  

Of the wick, the wax, the fire, the dance

In the ballad of a Candle       

Written for Friday  writings # 38 : To Burn

@ Poets and Storytellers United