Sunday, August 29, 2021

A dream called The Aurora Borealis

May it that the heavens grace me to watch

Or may it  through beloved eyes 

Sure am I that  north abode to reach 

In lifetimes  next or this 

A sight of the spectacular Aurora Borealis

May a night sky  I see in the north

And the iced lake beneath 

Amongst the magical trees,

love filled heart and  howling winter breeze 

Whence shall watch the Aurora Borealis 

May a  faraway dream it seems 

But a dream nearer to my heart it is

As to the earth the magnificent sun shares

The sparks of their love in solar flares 

And I dream the Aurora Borealis 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

To my Daughters and Sons

As grey strands appear and wrinkles set in

A prayer rises from deep within

For though love seeks the presence near 

It's your joy that's even more dear 

And it's freedom in  every meaning

As the river flows always to the sea 

It rains to quench the all receiving ground 

And the vapours rise in prayers to the sky 

May I see you rise to your dreams

Love that once bound now setting free 

Like a tree rooted in the ground 

To this earth I am bound

And I reminisce the love that transpired 

Though not always been obvious 

In my heart  etched in iron memorized 

Were you close to me my child

Like the sun to me would you provide

But even afar your  soothing happiness

 Like the moonlight would calm my mind 

And so gladly would I take much pride 

Fear not for my plight

For benevolent God fends me 

Despair not in adversity rather rise

And elevate yourself in your destiny

And in it lies my glory