Sunday, December 31, 2017


they say the door has opened
we are stepping into a new life
leaving behind the shadows
of old and unwanton strife

nay may it be so to all
that despite the shadows
clinging and changing with
time shall no longer pull us down

for while the heart flies in
to new arenas and is caught up
with facing old pains once again
may we find new ways to fly again

the resolutions of the past
then again some new ones
some to be broken as always and
some to fulfil in time

nay there ain't any compulsions
for masters we are of our fate
we desire, then we doubt, then
we asses, then we give up once again

but while we last here for somewhile
there in the clouds of eternity
is being written and rewritten of fates 
that was that is and that could have been

yet we suffer for our dreams
in our dreams of love
till the fullfillment of time
or so till we embrace our dreams

so to say it would be better
to step forward with courage
into the new space of the so called
door of time