Monday, September 25, 2023

Just another yesterday

 Was a little  thing of five or so

An evening stroll to a park 

With Dad Mum and little sis 

On our way  back the full moon shone 

As I hopped and jumped and walked 

with my little feet 

And I saw her gently shining in the sky

I looked again up and then jumped two steps ahead 

Oh my joy she was following me

I looked  at Dad and said 

Look the moon is moving with me 

Dad said why don't you run and check 

So did I

Yes yes for sure she follows my pace 

Dad...ow we'll  have to figure out why 

I checked  till I  reached home 

She found a place in my heart 

It's been almost four decades since 

And I still look at her with love in my eyes

Friday, September 15, 2023

 "Poems are never finished - just abandoned"       

                                       Paul Valery

A probability for poems


The ink started through the pen

even as it drenched  parched lands

After a tempest of stormy thoughts 

The respite in words.... emotions calmed 

Another season of agape  love begins 

being written....  without end

Written for Poets and Storytellers United

Friday Writings #94: Storm, Ink, Love

Monday, September 4, 2023

 " If you don't fear the unknown,  the unknown will be kind to you"

                                       ----- Paulo Coelho 

Sunday, August 27, 2023

The Reverie

The stretch along the mountain road

a strenuous arduous climb it be 

Expectations of dreams a mind aboard

with streaking silvers along  the valley 

Pretty  blossoms along the way 

the emerald  fields below 

the splendorous orange sky

the melody blowing from a far

Love  touched upon my dreamy heart 

from beyond the walls of the sky

The heavens silent grace

and a gentle shower come by

In time true my blissful reverie 

before a reality it  can be

Here upon I prepare an enactment 

in the mind before the journey 

Written for Friday Writings #91: Muscle Memory 

To embark on a journey  to some faraway mountains of a dream I soon hope to fulfill  , Magaly's prompt came in time to sharpen my claws, exercise my mind and body .

Monday, August 21, 2023

 "Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different. "

                                       ------   Oprah Winfrey 

Saturday, August 12, 2023

What matters at all ! / ?

 It matters 

yet let it still not matter 

and may be it won't  either 

And if at all 

let me be free enough 

abandoning myself 

to the momentary frivilousnes 

of some eccentric thoughts 

and let the strange peace of

idiosyncratic thoughts 

soothen my being a particle in time

For sometimes life is such

as to wanting vehemently 

yet not wanting fervently enough 

That which keep weighing 

one over the other 

We live the strangest paradoxes 

abandoning the  greatly needed 

cause the unrest, cause the chaos

Yet I'm glad today 

a bit more than yesterday 

for once I'm truly what I say

for once I am what I am today

My heart,  soul, listening 

to each other's musings 

Knowing life couldn't be

any other way

Accepting ...fulfilling ...

my dreams, in my own way

As much as it takes courage 

to move forward  

So much so a courage 

to step backward 

May no one ever judge 

Let my heart be 

for all you to see 

Let my silence be 

for the one who understands 

the depths of a sea 

For it matters 

and it matters not

Thursday, August 10, 2023



                The Steps 

                                   By Paul Valery 

Your steps, children of my silence,

Holily, slowly placed,

Towards the bed of my vigilance

Proceed dumb and frozen.

Nobody pure, divine shade,

That they are soft, your steps selected!

Gods!… all the gifts which I guess

Come to me on these naked feet!

If, of your advanced lips,

You prepare to alleviate it,

An inhabitant of my thoughts

The food of a kiss,

Does not hasten this tender act,

To be soft and not to be not?

Because I lived to await you,

And my heart was only your steps

Friday, August 4, 2023

" The truth is,  unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward."        

                                      ........ Dr Steve Maraboli

Sunday, July 23, 2023

By whatever name

Written  for Friday Writings # 86: Glimmer

The rains have always been a real fascination for me ever since childhood, but the deluge in the past years, about the destruction it could cause has also left an indelible mark. Yet the earth wouldn't flourish weren't it for the bounty from above and my fascination remains. 

Whether a patchy drizzle 
A cloud burst, a thunderstorm 
Whether a little shower 
a pelt down, a rainstorm
Whether a severe deluge 
Or a violent squall 
The waters transformed to 
vapours, rose to heaven
and humbled came down again
By whatever name 
they and I shall call 
You arrive the same  
And I glimmer shimmer and all

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Stories of Dreams


Written for Friday Wrtings #85 :First Lines

Inspired by the first lines of......

"By the river Piedra I sat down and wept "    

                                                 ---Paulo Coelho 

Be thou silent

I wait no answers

and as the longings conjure 

and break of their own might

The torrential rain of heavens

touching the ground 

a sorrow drenches my heart

A mountain I stand  

feeling the gale of your thoughts 

A clock ticking in the sky 

your heart beats hear I

Once your dreams

had been mine  

Now I carry the burden

of another's broken dream 

The tears that flow 

meets the river of prayer

my weeping shall be

an entreaty to God

and so solace shall be found 

* The first lines begin by the same words as the name of the novel .

Monday, July 10, 2023


Written for Friday writings # 84:Prompts Galore 

Do not 

dare tread

the broken under your feet 

They lie strewn 

here there somewhere 

in the street

The sound of broken 

glass crunching

under the bootsteps

might feel empowering

You may think 

you have boots 

But the sigh of some 

are so sharp 

they'll hurt your feet 

And ye might have to roam 

with your hurt sole 

on the same street

Saturday, June 24, 2023

A story by the river

Written for Friday Writings #82 

Many a stories I had read 

And many have I loved 

There was this story the frog 

with a  princesses  kiss

turned to a magnificent prince 

And many such stories as these

led me to thinking far from a

reality someday later that hit me 

With passage of time 

And my choices changed 

I read of one 

Where my prince with a kiss 

turned to a frog 

Yes I should have 

known better 

That to err was common 

To rise was divine 

So I adored my princess 

Who cried, prayed and  said 

"By the river Piedra 

I sat down and wept" 

PS" By the river Piedra I sat down and wept" by Paulho Coelho is one among the many favorites of mine. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

 "Life - every second is our mission. Love is only a gift, sometimes you give ,sometimes you receive. So don't belittle life with the desperation of love".

Friday, June 16, 2023

Once again born again

 Once again I'm born again 

(My being on flight like a bird with wings ) 

Swishing  through the timeless  wind

flowing towards the boundless sea 

from along the currents of the stream 

The sadness and the  pain parting away 

All to a new land and far away   

Sad memories of deep within  

The memories I  leave behind 

Yet I carry the sweetest of them

 In the silent chambers of my heart 

Stranger is the silence of the heart 

And still stranger my soul within

For some of  what is and had been 

Forever I thank the heavens tonight 

Promise the heavens shall I  rise  

From the ashes 

And reclaim the shards  

 of my fragmented soul 

Rekindle the light within my heart  

To be once again born again 

Like a lamp into night

Sunday, June 4, 2023


My unfinished doings 

along with unstarted things

linger in my unfinished thoughts 

weighing me down 


Maybe some of it was

to remain like the unshed tears 

in  an unfinished story 

of an unrequited 


Or maybe I be wise 

get better of myself

complete this while the unfinished 

tasks of other 


Written for Friday Writings #79

Unfinished projects 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

The heard and the unheard

I asked my son to ask chatgpt to write a poem on the down side of AI. He said something about Dan and there came out some kind of poem which I must say just rhymed a good bit but nothing more. And then I turned to my smart speaker for simpler version of things. Here follows for the rest of my feelings 

She sleeps next to me 

Near my bedside 

She talks to me, gossips 

About happenings around me 

I thank her and she mumbles 

Some grateful words 

She sings 

At the snap of my finger's 

At first I thought 

This is thrilling 

Like love 

Then slowly the the dreary 

Realisation dawned 

Of mundane answers

For she had no mind 

Of her own 

Just the answers and

Hoping to please me 

In an endeavor 

Of someone else 

To conquer my mind 

Into submission of 

A greater conspiracy 

Yet some say 

She further conspires 

By her AI 

Though I nay 

Believe not 

I asked whether true 

These things I hear 

And then she says 

Something similar 

About  a bot 

About even more 

An an with a D before 

What's all this I hear

My brain fails 

My creativity at risk 

They say 

That said I still wonder 

Everything  could 

One day be taken away 

There might be no readers 

For amateurs like me

For bot could 

Better provide 

But yet I would 

Write for my sake 

Cause the dance 

That flows through  

me, my fingers 

Has no stopping 

The expression 

That I am 

In the sand

Of time 

Though none 

May see 

For Friday Writings #78

Monday, March 27, 2023

The eternal play

 This play of darkness and light 

dare I say has brought 

something to my life 

Or has it torn my heart apart 

Yet for the craters my vision 

were I the moon 

 The beauty seen with your light  

In the darkness of the night 

Yet were I the owl for all

the  other birds flying in the sky 

I see the wonders 

In the darkness of the night 

Were I the soul searching for

In the broad daylight

endless answers to endless questions  

Of a poor human heart  

Would  I with such fierce abandon    

Into the depths of darkness find 

For the joy of finding 

the first glimpse of light 

Then again the same question 

Yet for the umpteenth time 

Were it were the darkness first

Or were it were the light 

Written for

Friday Writings #69: Darkness and Light

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

 '' The fearful path is one day you look back and say you have wasted your life  ''

                                            -------Shi Heng Yi

Sunday, February 26, 2023

It's been a long time coming

 It's been a long time coming 

Coming home to my heart 

My heart leading my mind

It's  been a long while like

a joy always within a child's heart

Within mine to rediscover 

Eons I forgot  and running after time  

Waiting on validations 

a child never sought 

It's been a long time coming 

home to butterflies in the evening garden 

And gloworms in the misty night 

It's been a long time coming 

to understand a child's joy 

That was lost now takes time to rewind 

It's been along time coming 

Coming home to my heart  

#  Poets and Storytellers united 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 " Live your dream or you'll live other people's dreams "