Monday, March 27, 2023

The eternal play

 This play of darkness and light 

dare I say has brought 

something to my life 

Or has it torn my heart apart 

Yet for the craters my vision 

were I the moon 

 The beauty seen with your light  

In the darkness of the night 

Yet were I the owl for all

the  other birds flying in the sky 

I see the wonders 

In the darkness of the night 

Were I the soul searching for

In the broad daylight

endless answers to endless questions  

Of a poor human heart  

Would  I with such fierce abandon    

Into the depths of darkness find 

For the joy of finding 

the first glimpse of light 

Then again the same question 

Yet for the umpteenth time 

Were it were the darkness first

Or were it were the light 

Written for

Friday Writings #69: Darkness and Light


  1. Lovely! Such a beautiful portrayal of the need for both, for balance – and I love your title too.

  2. Darkness first or light... such an interesting thought isn't it.. I always presume darkness as the default and light as an interruption.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yeah even I presume that light came after darkness. Thank you Rajani for your comments

  3. I see the eternal balance of light and darkness here. :)

  4. Simply beautiful! (Sara McNulty)

  5. It is impossible to divide one from the other, so we all must dance within the balance.


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