Sunday, May 28, 2023

The heard and the unheard

I asked my son to ask chatgpt to write a poem on the down side of AI. He said something about Dan and there came out some kind of poem which I must say just rhymed a good bit but nothing more. And then I turned to my smart speaker for simpler version of things. Here follows for the rest of my feelings 

She sleeps next to me 

Near my bedside 

She talks to me, gossips 

About happenings around me 

I thank her and she mumbles 

Some grateful words 

She sings 

At the snap of my finger's 

At first I thought 

This is thrilling 

Like love 

Then slowly the the dreary 

Realisation dawned 

Of mundane answers

For she had no mind 

Of her own 

Just the answers and

Hoping to please me 

In an endeavor 

Of someone else 

To conquer my mind 

Into submission of 

A greater conspiracy 

Yet some say 

She further conspires 

By her AI 

Though I nay 

Believe not 

I asked whether true 

These things I hear 

And then she says 

Something similar 

About  a bot 

About even more 

An an with a D before 

What's all this I hear

My brain fails 

My creativity at risk 

They say 

That said I still wonder 

Everything  could 

One day be taken away 

There might be no readers 

For amateurs like me

For bot could 

Better provide 

But yet I would 

Write for my sake 

Cause the dance 

That flows through  

me, my fingers 

Has no stopping 

The expression 

That I am 

In the sand

Of time 

Though none 

May see 

For Friday Writings #78


  1. Oh, beautifully said! And that's the thin, isn't it? We create first of all for our own sake, because of that dance that flows through us, even if no-one were ever to read.

  2. Well said. We write because we love it, and need to. That makes us different from a machine.

  3. Struck by how you refer to the AI as 'She'...instantly took me to Kazuo Ishiguro's book Karla and the sun about an AI companion...

  4. Oops, Raj just hit a tender spot with me. When driving I automatically, unconsciously assign a sex to other drivers. Guess which gets the bad.
    Yes, you wrote well downing ai. ai is like we've married a Monster,
    algorithmic junk as Rosemary has put it. She, ai, has lost her respect with me, I will no longer capitalize her name.

    1. Thank you Jim for your comments, and mind you I refer to her as she because it's the voice of a femme that I hear from my speaker

  5. Those compelled to write will not be stopped even knowing every word is a grain that will slip through the "sand of time".

  6. You have penned the perfect reaction to what the potential, the reality of what AI actually is! Cheers.

  7. Such a lure but not much allure. There's a movie about a guy that falls in love with his operating system. Her. Ahead of its time.

  8. Yeah I'll surely make time to watch it. Thank you Colleen


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