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echoes reverberated found place in my heart, still resonates not knowing into how many hearts

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Read me O reader
that I remain
like a wisp of fog
that once you saw
now no more remain
like a heartrending line
of a story
half forgotten
like haze memory
of a beautiful poem
So much so
at least
in a heart
ever settle
like a sigh
of a dream
that was to remain
A dream


  1. Remains of moments can be like precious shards vaguely framing some other time. Lovely.

  2. Sometimes dreams DO remain just dreams...but hopefully they are comforting nonetheless.

  3. nice...it is mystery in a good way...see only a bit and let it flow from there....to be a dream, a wisp you wont fully grasp

  4. I like the idea of being remembered hazily - your closing lines really speak to me, as well.